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Andrew Kell is an IT consultant with over 20 years of commercial and in-house experience in: systems development; business analysis; training; project & programme management; business change; business systems; business process and IT management.

Andrew specialises in Agile and Business Analysis approaches and techniques. He is a certified DSDM Consortium Practitioner and Trainer, a certified APMG Agile Project Management Trainer and Examiner and holds the BCS International Diplomas in Business Analysis and Solution Development. Andrew founded Wonder Llama in 2009.

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Independent Consultant & Trainer4yrsWonder Llamawonlama
Operational business system/process/programme management & business change1yr dunnhumbydunnhumby
Operational business system/process/programme management & business change4yrs Detica (now BAE Systems) Detica
Client-facing programme & project management (Agile) 3yrs Detica (now BAE Systems) Detica
Consultancy & training 5yrs Parity Solutions Parity
Agile software development 4yrs Cornhill Insurance (now Allianz) Allianz
Agile software development 2yrs Hoskyns group (now Capgemini) Capgemini
Industrial placement1yrIBMIBM