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Workshop facilitation

Facilitated workshops are a flexible and powerful technique which can be used in a wide range of business areas wherever input and/or agreement is needed from a group of people (either from within the business or including partners and suppliers).

Workshops are an effective way of enabling people to communicate and collaborate effectively, ensuring that results are achieved with speed, commitment and buy-in to the outcome.

Using workshops brings both direct and indirect benefits to a project, including: rapid, high quality decision making; greater buy-in from all stakeholders; building team spirit; building consensus; clarification of issues.

The workshop facilitator manages the process and dynamic of the workshop, enabling the participants to concentrate on the content and the product. The facilitator should be neutral to the workshop objectives, the product (outcome) of the workshop and the participants and is responsible for helping the group to meet the workshop objectives. Ideally the facilitator should come from outside the project to ensure – and signify – neutrality.

Andrew Kell has extensive experience of facilitating wokshops, both internally (e.g. for companies such as Dunnhumby, Allianz etc.) and as an external consultant (while working for Parity & Detica, working with companies including 3, Vodafone, Centrica etc.). He can provide expertise and assistance with all the key workshop activities.

The key activities associated with a workshop are…
  • Planning
  • Preparation
  • Facilitation
  • Documentation
  • Follow-up